Family Diagram Windows Alpha Now Open

After several months of challenges I finally have Family Diagram running on Windows. So far it looks pretty good, and there are just a few

Remote Family Systems Coaching

Coaching services based in Bowen theory are now offered over Zoom with Family Diagram on screen-share. 

Systems coaching is applied to the dilemmas of a person’s life, from emotional problems, to performance problems, to running a better business. Similar to psychotherapy, but different. Similar to business consulting, but different. Click below to learn more.

Some Guidelines for Natural Systems Models

This article is taken from my 2020 dissertation which attempted to clarify the paradigm of emotional systems that a theory must exist in to be compared with Bowen theory. The ideas have been subsequently been updated but this written chapter is the most verbose and detailed description.

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Family Diagram is a tool to organize a systems assessment of the family as a biological unit. Learn it’s place in a systems science for the future of medicine.

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An accepted science of human behavior, rooted in biology and complex systems, would predict shifts in processes under specified conditions. Psychology would be an effort to account for the content of those processes. If psychology is to become an accepted science, it will have to make conceptual contact with whatever part of nature that computer science is attempting to study.

Patrick Stinson, Psy.D.

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