Dr Katherine Kott: Clinical Research Framework and App with Dr Laura Havstad and Dr Patrick Stinson

In this video, Katherine Kott, Ph.D. MSLS, interviews Laura Havstad, Ph.D., and Patrick Stinson, Psy.D. on the topic of clinical research and the Family Diagram app. It is meant to accompany a recent video produced by Dr. Havstad entitled Family Practice and Research Using Family Diagram, which demonstrates the use of the app and Framework to present the relationship between a symptom in an individual and shifts in the family system in a case study scenario. The interview covers key principles behind The Framework For Clinical Research in Bowen Theory (Havstad & Sheffield, 2018) (referred to as the “Havstad model” in the interview and in the app), the Family Diagram app, and the long-term vision of a database for family research toward a science of human behavior.

Dr. Kott is an organization development consultant and librarian who has been studying and applying Bowen theory to her work and life for over twenty years. Her 2012 dissertation, Application of Bowen Theory to Organization Development Practice created a model based on the practices of organization development consultants who use Bowen theory in their work.

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