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Family Diagram

Toward a future for behavioral science

Family Diagram allows you to visualize a family system for use in family or individual psychotherapy, organizational coaching, and case presentations. Different than a genogram, a family diagram is centered around Bowen’s concept of differentiation of self. Coaches who are interested in applying Bowen theory can use Family Diagram in real-time with their clients to quickly gain a broader perspective on an emotional system.

track the relationship system

Quickly add relationships and dated events during a systems assessment of a symptom.

emotional process over time

Animate shifts in conflict, distance, reciprocity, child-focus, alignment, and misalignment to get a holistic view of the family system as it adapts to stress.

an evolving Family health Record

No more starting over to clean up clutter or add a new set of cousins. Instead, continually add new information to the diagram as it evolves into a comprehensive family health record.

Add your own variables

Additional timeline columns allow you to track shifts in variables pertinent to your case or research question.

Long-Term Vision for A Science of Human Behavior

Family Diagram app is one step in a long-term vision for a viable science of human behavior. A viable science depends on an integrative theory which organizes all factual observations into a single frame of reference that can predict what it describes. Such a science of human behavior does not yet exist.

Choose the perfect plan

Anyone can research their own family for free. A paid subscription is required to edit multiple diagrams and share them with others.


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Current Users say

“With Family Diagram, one can input events, shifting relationship patterns, and changes in family member’s functioning over time. Family Diagram is a big step forward in our ability to track family emotional process and its role in illness and health.”
Laura Havstad, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
"Family Diagram enables tracking family emotional process possible in a way that paper diagrams cannot and it is easy to keep the diagram up-to-date. The timeline feature illuminates family patterns that are more difficult to see in a less dynamic modality."
Katherine Kott, Ph.D.
Organizational Consultant

Frequently asked questions

Family Diagram currently runs on macOS High Sierra or later or on Windows. An iPad version is in development but not yet in scheduled for release.

No! The app is intended for anyone who is interested in researching their family. While it is primarily designed for an effect at tracking the predictable patterns of reactivity in a person’s family as guided by Bowen theory, it can be used by students, genealogy researchers, and more.

The original idea was just to build a simple diagramming tool. This was not a difficult task. Then the idea came to track emotional process over time, which moved the view of the family from a static thumbnail-sketch to an animating systems view. There is no telling what new ways to view the family as an emotional unit are now possible from this single conceptual shift.

Family Diagram runs on macOS and Windows, and is planned to run on iPad. Contact Us

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