Family Diagram Released for Windows

At long last, Family Diagram has been released for Windows. More information, including how to download it for free, can be found here: Family Diagram

The windows version has all of the same features as the macOS version. One advantage of the macOS version of Family Diagram is that Apple iCloud is built-in to access files across computers. Access to Microsoft’s OneDrive service is possible by setting the location of your documents folder in the preferences for Family Diagram (Accessible via File -> Preferences… on Windows).

User licenses are transferrable between macOS and Windows computers. All you need to do is open your Account with “File” -> “View my Account…” (Family Diagram -> View my Account… on macOS) , and click Activate on an open license to activate the Windows computer you are sitting at. Two activations are allowed at once per license. You can deactivate a computer on a license to free up a spot.

As described on the Windows Alpha Test Page, users who previously were using an alpha license will need to purchase a subscription to access the diagrams they created during the test period, or to edit more than one diagram. Anyone is always welcome to edit one diagram in the app for free, so that they can research their own family.

Good luck! I hope that Windows users are able to take advantage of Family Diagram. Feedback on successes or failures with the app is always welcome.

An iPad/iPhone version is still planned. But as always, release schedules are not made publicly available.

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